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Indoor Lead Climbing

Once you have mastered top rope belay, now comes climbing at the sharp end of the rope.

You will receive advice on how to safely tie-in, belay and anticipate your climber’s falls.

The advance nature of the skill means smaller classes with a 1:2 instructor ratio.

Our UK qualified coach will give you an in-depth guide to the equipment and the seemingly endless variations when it comes to belay devices, ropes, quickdraws, harness and slings.

This a two part course, 2hrs each and you must be able to take part in both to get lead qualified.

Please note – this course is only suitable for climbers with experience of belaying/top rope climbing (e.g. someone who has completed a beginners course). Anyone without this level of competence will not be able to take part.

Cost: AED 700 

Two x 2 hours sessions

Cost for 2 people

Includes all required gear

Book Now by calling 04-446 6080 or email

Course topics include:

Session one

Correct fitting of PPE

Rethreaded fig 8 + stopper knot

Rope management

Correct clipping (z clips/back clips/between shoulder and waist)

Clipping the lower off

Correct use of GriGri

Mock leading


Session two

Recap of part one

Leading (on the sharp end)

Hazards (leg around rope)

Falling and lowering