Do you know these 5 rock climbing holds?

//Do you know these 5 rock climbing holds?

Do you know these 5 rock climbing holds?


Looking at rock climbing holds they seem to come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Learning the big differences between holds is critical to your success and continuous progress as a climber.

Let’s look at the different types of rock climbing holds and if you are looking to work .

Jug or Bucket holddubai_climbing

Deep and forgiving, jugs usually have a large hollow area at the top.These big open holds that you can get at least one whole hand, if not two, around it.

Everyone loves jugs as they are easy to grip and allow you to rest. These easy holds are great for resting and the simplicity of jugs has even led to the name being used for any very positive or easy hold on a rock face, no matter what the shape




A crimp is a small edge that is held with fingertips, with the fingers bent to bring the hand closer to the rock. Larger crimps can be crimped by using the same hand shape, tiny crimps can be barely wide enough for the toe of a climbing shoe.



These holds are squeezed between your thumb on one side and your fingers

on the other side.



Slopers are big bulges with no angles to grip with your fingers. Your body position is key when using slopers.

The very rough surface helps to compensate for the lack of grip by giving your hands extra traction. For this reason, gripping a sloper relies entirely on surface contact.

Slopers are normally larger than other holds and are frequently used in advanced climbing routes, you may even find entire routes made just from slopers.

Our 8a route makes abundant use of them.



Pockets are basically small holes, which offer just enough space for a finger or two to fit. Be careful not to put too much stress on your finger tendons.





An undercling is a downward-facing hold that is pulled upwards by the climber. Underclings require good body tension and strong biceps.



These are the big 5 type of rock climbing holds you will find at the climbing wall

If some of those holds are frustrating you, find out how to master them by booking a one on one session with our climbing coaches.

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