First Visit

Welcome to Mountain Extreme, Dubai’s premier indoor rock climbing facility!

Whether you’re trying out climbing for the first time or looking for new training grounds, ME has something to get you psyched on this dynamic and exciting sport.

Minimum age is 4 years-old to enter.

NICAS Award Centre

Our Intro to Climbing class gives you all the skills you need to get started climbing—and includes your day pass and rental gear for the day!

Don’t want to take a class?

Ask our Climbing Coaches for an orientation when you check in and we’ll get you started with bouldering or roping up with the auto-belays.

Do you have Children?

Ask us about our NICAS classes or weekend kids class.

Mountain Extreme boasts a variety of terrains–from slab to steep–and a route spread from 4 to 8a with boulder problems from V0 to V12. Regardless of your interests and abilities, we’ve got something to keep you moving.


Ready for the whipper? Our lead test consists of lead climbing, taking a whipper, then giving your partner a catch while they do the same. Once you pass, we’ll give you full reign to clipping the anchors on any route in the facility!

We provide the ropes. Bring your own Petzl Grigri or rent one from us.

Need a sport lead climbing course? Sign up for our Sport Lead course.


All customers wishing to use the rope climbing areas of the gym must be certified by a staff member before they can belay another climber. Belayers must be age 15 or older.

If you have belayed before, you can demonstrate your skills during a Top Rope Belay Test.

Top Rope Belay Tests are offered free of charge everyday until 8:00 p.m

Show us your solid rope + belay skills (figure 8 follow through, checking your harness, commands, belaying and lowering) and you’ll be all set to belay at Mountain Extreme!

Need a course or refresher? Sign up for Top Rope Belay Course.


Climbing is a great way to have fun with friends. If you are a group of 6 or more, please make a booking to ensure we are ready to welcome you, send an email to


Mountain Extreme offers world-class instruction in rope skills, bouldering, and climbing movement. Keep an eye out for special clinics on fingerboard training, women’s specific climbing, slacklining, and more!