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At Mountain Extreme we believe everyone is born with a natural climbing ability. Some of our best climbers are under 18.

The minimum age to climb at Mountain Extreme is 4 years old.

Adventurous young climbers will find tons of exciting challenges!

Kids will learn climbing techniques and rope skills, including learning to tie the knots and to belay, while engaging their creative problem solving skills to scale the walls.

Climbing and collaborative games also emphasize teamwork, leadership skills, and goal setting in a dynamically fun and supportive environment.

GCSE Rock Climbing

We provide expert training for students to meet the GCSE standard, whether you follow EDEXCEL, AQA or OCR.

From course plans, to risk assessments and current insurance certificates we help your P.E team to assess and train GCSE students to reach full marks.

In order to keep costs down for students, we provide all the required equipment, from climbing shoes to ropes.


Parents need to be present at all times when their children are climbing.